Back-to-School Lunch-Packing Tips

Sending your kids to school with a pocket full of lunch money may seem like the easy way out, but have you considered how unhealthy their cafeteria options are? Many schools follow lunch programs that are loaded with fat, salt and sugar, ultimately offering little to no nutritional benefit for your child.

The new school year is right around the corner, making it the perfect time to consider packing homemade healthy lunches this year. With these tips and tricks, you can pack your kid's lunches with meals that are equally fun, nutritious and delicious:

1. Keep the Essential Food Groups in Mind
If you're feeling encouraged to start your child on the Hallelujah Diet, be sure to keep the essential food groups in mind while packing his or her lunch. Our primarily raw, plant-based diet consists of enzyme-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and organic grains. Use our Get Started Guide to introduce your child to the multitude of delicious options to choose from, and base the weekly lunches off of his or her favorite foods!

Encourage your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.Encourage your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.

2. Pack the Freshest Produce
The fresher the produce you're packing, the more nutritionally dense and delicious the fruits and vegetables will be. The easiest way to ensure you're purchasing the freshest produce is by buying products from your local farmer's market. This shopping method also allows you to know exactly where your produce is coming from – most local farmers practice organic growing methods, which means their fruits and vegetables come from nutrient-rich soil that hasn't been touched by pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

3. Try Some of Our Delicious Recipes
The key is to mix things up so your kids don't get bored with the same old fruit-and-vegetable combination. If you're feeling uninspired, check out our database of delicious, plant-based recipes. These meals have been created by our health experts and our very own followers just like you! Encourage your kids to look through the collection and point out the recipes they want to try in the upcoming weeks.

4. Collect Their Feedback!
Nobody likes to be forced to eat foods they don't enjoy. Be sure to talk to your kids about the foods you're packing in their lunches to ensure they actually like them. Collecting their feedback allows you to mix things up and keep creating delicious lunches the kids look forward to diving into every day.

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