6 Plant-Based Summer Dips

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time for light al fresco dining, grill days, and lazy picnics. In other words, it’s time to do some skinny dipping with a healthy, plant-based dip—packed with nutrients and skinny on the calories. I gathered together some of my favorite plant-based summer dips to share on the blog today—ideal for summer dipping.

6 Plant-Based Summer Dips

Vegan Cheese Fondue 

Fondue is such a fun, interactive meal. Just serve a thick dip with a variety of breads and veggies, and let people dip to their hearts content. Fondue is traditionally made with cheese, but that doesn’t mean plant-powered eaters have to skip this tradition altogether. I used yellow, waxy potatoes to create a healthy, plant-based “cheesy” fondue perfect for dipping with vegetables, tofu, and bread cubes.

Red Raspberry Salsa 

I love the sweet-tart taste of red raspberries paired with unexpected flavors, such as the spiciness of a salsa. This recipe is super easy to whip up and oh-so-pretty at your next party! Plus, raspberries are packed with nutrition for such a skinny calorie return.

Smoky Eggplant Olive Dip 

Call upon the rich, earthy flavors of roasted eggplant to create this craveable 100% plant-based dip, which also includes smoked paprika, lemon juice, tahini, and sliced olives.

Eggplant Pecan Pâté

Turn to this completely plant-based Eggplant Pecan Pâté as a healthy version of a classic, which is lovely and delicious served as a party appetizer.

Mississippi Caviar 

Here’s one of my favorite, delicious, plant-based recipes—perfect for summertime! It was inspired by a recipe from my mother, who grew up in Arkansas. I powered up the colorful, crunchy vegetables in this flavorful rendition.

Beet White Bean Hummus

This plant-based Beet White Bean Hummus really has the wow factor, thanks to the addition of earthy, sweet beets. Just put it on your table, and watch people say “ah”, and then devour it, because it’s as yummy as it is pretty.

Image: Smoky Eggplant Olive Dip, Sharon Palmer, MSFS, RDN

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